Good words from Good times at Lakeland Charter Service



Thanks Captain Chris for a GREAT 2 day trip. Looking forward to our next trip.


Thanks Chris and Sam for landing the Walleye Boys on the fish...lots o fish...lots o fun

Best testimony I can provide is that I've returned several times a year for over 20 years just to fish with Chris and the Lakeland team. Best crew on the lake by far (and I've fished with others). It's always "FISH ON" with Lakeland. Want to learn how to catch walleye on Lake Erie? Call this man now.
-Brian Freeman

My parents, John and Carole Darling Sr., first took me and my husband, Michael Harris, on a fishing trip with Chris in July 2010. We were labeled as rookies! However, Chris took his time to show us how to bait and cast our poles. His pleasant personality and jokes made the trip more even more fun. My father has dealt with the Clemons family for over 20 years. He always talked about how professional and reliable Lakeland Charters was. We will continue our annual trips and allow Chris to teach the grandchildren of John Darling Sr. R.I.H. Dad.

After using my bday and Xmas money and then saving my pennies, I was able to take my two sons ages 10 and 13, on a charter. We were all fired up and looking forward to a fun day of fishing. I cannot overemphasize this point. I had seen Lakeland around for a good many years, so decided to use their services.

We arrived at 6 am along with the other fisherman going out on their charter. While everyone was heading west into open water because of recent storms and therefore dirty water closer in, we were the only one which stayed closer. I wondered why but did not want to question my guide's expertise. It seems if you do a half day charter, going out west is not an option. No where is that listed on their web site. As it turned out we caught zero walleye during our half day charter because of dirty water.

What bugs me here is the fact they KNEW we would not catch fish so close in and still they TOOK our money and we went through the motions of fishing. What should have happened here right away in the am (vs three hours later when it was too late at that point.) was me being told that the fishing would be poor in so close and that perhaps we should extend the charter so we could find clearer water. This is evident in the fact everyone else went out west vs staying closer. Better to have good fishing for just a couple of hours along with the long ride out and in, then fish for 4 hours and catch nothing with a short drive out.

I cannot endorse a company which knowingly takes your money full in the knowledge the fishing will be crap that day. I have used other charters with my kids and they would not go out that day as they knew it would be a poor experience for my boys and myself. There were no such concerns here.